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Practice Areas

Here are some of the services we provide to help our clients achieve their goals:
Personal Insurance Needs Analysis


A simple yet comprehensive review of a family’s survivor needs as they pertain to:


  • Income Replacement

  • Final Expenses including potential tax liabilities

  • College education funding 

  • Debt consolidation

  • Special Needs Planning

  • Estate equalization

  • Long Term Care Planning

Comprehensive Policy Review


A detailed analysis of your current life, disability and long term care coverage to determine the following:


  • Is current coverage adequate

  • Do the contracts perform as originally intended

  • Do your personal policies line up appropriately with your employer sponsored plans

  • Will current coverage remain in force for the right duration

Retirement Planning


Prepare and implement a plan help to maximize after tax income at retirement at a predetermined level and duration: 


  • IRA’s, SEP’s, Roth IRA’s

  • IRA rollovers and transfers

  • Non-qualified supplemental plans

  • Pension Maximization strategies

  • Fixed, Index, and Variable Annuities*

  • Mutual Funds, Unit investment Trusts, and Variable Life Insurance*

Estate and Legacy Planning


In partnership with local Law Firm specializing in Estates, Wills, and Trust Planning, or in working with your own advisors, we help guide you through the entire process in the following areas:


  • Federal and State Tax Calculation/Analysis

  • Estate Tax minimization planning

  • Wealth Transfer Planning

  • Estate Equalization Planning

  • Blended Family Plans

  • Special Needs Planning

  • Trust Owned Individual and Second to Die Life Insurance Plans

  • Charitable Planning and Gifting Strategies 



For Businesses

Business Succession Planning


Business continuation planning is critical to the long term success of a closely held business.  We work with you to insure that your business will survive the loss of an owner or key employee due to unforeseen death or illness.  Planning strategies help to achieve this objective include: 


  • Cross Purchase Plans


  • Stock Redemption Plans


  • Wait and See Buy/Sell


  • Business Valuation


  • Section 303 Redemption plans


  • Buy Sell Plans for Sole Proprietors

Executive Benefits


Key Person and Executive Benefit Plans for businesses using the most competitive products based on the underwriting and case design details.  Including but not limited to:


  • Sup. Executive Retirement Plans (SERPS)


  • Deferred Compensation Plans


  • Split Dollar Plans


  • Key Person Coverage


  • Group Life Carve Out Plans


  • Long Term Care and Disability Plans


  • Salary Continuation Plans


  • Tax Deductible Life Insurance Plans

Retirement Plans


Working with business owners to achieve maximum benefits at the lowest after tax cost is the common goal when designing qualified and non-qualified plans for employers.  Experience in each the following help us achieve these goals for our clients:


  • Defined Contribution Plans

    • 401K

    • Profit Sharing

    • Money Purchase

    • Simple Plans


  • Non-Qualified Plans

    • Executive Bonus

    • Restricted Executive Bonus

    • LIRP’s

    • SERP’s

    • Discriminatory Plans


  • Defined Benefit Plans

    • Split Funded

    • 412 E3 Plans

    • Insured DB Plans

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